ICYMI: Trustee Martinez Advocates for Tower District and Theatre Community on GV Wires Unfiltered – The Future of the Tower Theatre Part II

Trustee Martinez joined Craig Scharton, Downtown Advocate and also known as the God Father of the Tower District, and Jaguar Bennett, one of the leaders of the Save the Tower Demonstration Committee to speak about the future of the Tower District and it’s iconic anchor, the Tower Theatre.

As a resident of the Greater Tower Area for the past 15 years, the sale of the Tower Theatre to Adventure Church is personal to him. The Tower District was one, if not the only place in which he felt safe and could express himself without fear, prejudice or judgement.

Over the past fourteen weeks, Trustee Martinez has stood in solidarity with the Tower community to advocate against the sale of the theatre, emphasizing how the sale of the theatre to the church would fundamentally alter the cultural, artistic and economic integrity of the area. For more backstory on the sale, and community reaction to the prospective buyer read The Munro Review Article: TOWER THEATRE SHOULDN’T BE OWNED BY A CHURCH.

To hear more about how Trustee Martinez feels about the sale of the theatre and other community input, tune in to GV Wires Unfiltered – The Future of the Tower Theatre Part II. This is a developing community issue and will continue to evolve until a mutual acceptable agreement can be reached by all parties or resolved by litigation in court.

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