As I seek reelection to the Fresno County Board of Education, Area 3, I am deeply grateful for the trust and support you have shown me over the past three years. Together, we have accomplished remarkable progress, but there is still much to be done.

Since taking office, the Fresno County Board of Education has approved several crucial initiatives that have positively impacted our community. Among these accomplishments are the construction of thirteen wellness centers across school districts throughout Fresno County, ensuring our students have access to essential mental and emotional health resources for their overall well-being. We’ve also allocated funding to provide administrative and programmatic support for Universal Transitional Kindergarten for children ages 3-4 beginning in 2025-2026 with the Madera and Kings County Superintendent of Schools. With the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools being the lead learning agency, we are laying the foundation for our young children’s educational journey from an early age.

Furthermore, we’ve fostered partnerships with industry leaders in manufacturing and construction to expand vocational career opportunities for our students. This collaboration not only enhances their education but also prepares them for successful futures in high-demand fields.

Recognizing the importance of digital access, we’ve worked tirelessly to bridge the digital divide by expanding access to mobile devices and internet services. This ensures that all students, regardless of their background, have equal opportunities to thrive in today’s digital world.

Additionally, we’ve taken proactive steps to rein in inflated administrative salaries, demonstrating our commitment to fiscal responsibility and saving taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.

However, none of these achievements would have been possible without your unwavering support. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve as YOUR trustee on the Fresno County Board of Education, and I remain dedicated to ensuring that every student in our county has equal access to a quality education.

As I seek your support for reelection, I pledge to continue advocating for improved student outcomes and to work tirelessly to create opportunities for all students, regardless of their zip code. Together, let’s keep the promise of education alive for every student in Fresno County.

Thank you for your continued trust and support.

James D. Martinez