I know that our students can succeed, and I believe, with your help, we can make it happen. If you’d like to know more about my campaign, see my platform below.

  • Urban and Rural Communities: I want to ensure every student, regardless of their zip code, has an opportunity to reach their full potential and have a pathway to success. It’s our duty to begin addressing the cultural, economic, and educational fault-lines that impact student progress; particularly students in both urban and rural communities.

  • Equal Access: We need to remove barriers and promote greater public-private partnerships, providing resources for student success: grants, technology, affordable internet access, increased funding for student support services like digital tutorial programs.

  • Trade & Vocational Programs: Many pathways to success have been identified and that is why we must do better in promoting cradle-to-career and sequential enrollment programs at community colleges and universities that build a pipeline to trade, vocational and healthcare careers. 

  • Student Health & Distance Learning: This is an unprecedented time that presents many challenges for all of us, particularly students in our educational system. In the age of COVID-19 we need to begin adopting alternative learning tools to ensure student achievement and that starts with distance learning programs. This is an imperfect system and nothing can replace in-class instruction, but we need to begin to view this as a potentially permanent alternative to in-person instruction. I’m eager to address inequities that are associated with such programs; specifically with regard to financial, technological, and student needs, particularly ESL and special education students. 

  • Student Support Service Programs: Promoting programs such as AVID, Upward Bound and TRiO Programs advance student achievement, particularly first generation college students such as myself. Such programs are instrumental for first generation college students as these programs provide tutorial assistance, facilitate college campus tours, provide assistance with college and financial aid applications, and provide overall student support services.