Victory Fund Institute Adds Trustee Martinez to Out for America National Map

The Victory Fund Institute has recently added Trustee Martinez to the Victory Institutes Out for America National Map, placing him along side other local out and proud elected officials throughout the San Joaquin Valley and State of California.

Out for America is the most comprehensive resource for identifying out LGBTQ+ elected officials in the United States at every level of government. According to a Washington Post article that cites a recent report by the LGBTQ Victory Fund, “a record number of 574 LGBTQ candidates were on the general election ballot in 2020. A 33 percent increase from 2018. We project that the number of LGBTQ representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives will increase from seven to at least 10, and possibly 12.”

“In every election cycle since the 1990s, increasing numbers of LGBTQ candidates have run — and often won — in highly visible races, as noted earlier. That inspires others to run. Our research has found that LGBTQ candidates’ biggest obstacle is that primary voters worry whether they could win a general election. Each election cycle’s LGBTQ wins reassures more voters that their ballots won’t be wasted.”

“What’s more, openly LGBTQ candidates have also gained political experience, which voters value. And increasingly, voters see LGBTQ candidates as more strongly committed to liberal values — something especially valuable for candidates in “blue” districts.”

I am honored to be profiled on the Victory Fund Institute’s Out for America National map. This is a significant milestone for the Central Valley and Fresno County as this support will help continue to pave the rainbow path for many others in the future. Our community will continue to make strides and break milestones for the LGBTQ + community in Fresno County and the San Joaquin Valley and I look forward to working with the Victory fund to increase LGBTQ+ visibility, promote inclusion, and fight for a more just and accepting society where all can express themselves freely, without fear and prejudice.

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