This is what an official ballot box looks like

So we know that the local Republican party, the Trumpites in San Francisco and Los Angles, and the Devin Nunes camp have been caught putting out fake ballot boxes. The State of California has had to issue cease and desist letters to get them to stop tampering with the election and Devin Nunes himself has publicly indicated they will continue “harvesting” ballots. Let’s not mince words folks. This is what the Republican Party has devolved into: Cheating (again) to try and steal (another) election.

At this point, it’s probably not a good idea to mail your ballot in, so a sure fire way to ensure your vote is counted is to drop it off at polling precinct or find one of these OFFICIAL ballot boxes. Take a good look at this pic. This is an official ballot box located in the Tower District. Don’t be fooled and don’t let Republicans succeed in stealing another election.

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