James D. Martinez Sworn in as Area 3 Trustee on the Fresno County Board of Education

On Thursday, December 17, 2020 I was officially sworn in as Trustee for Area 3 on the Fresno County Board of Education. It was a surreal moment for me and served as the culmination of years of hard work, determination and passion to change my community.

I’d like to acknowledge the work and sacrifice of countless others who helped shape, mold, and dared me to dream. The importance of teachers, counselors, and mentors cannot be stressed enough. I say this because if it were not for a select few my journey would have been very different. From the educational professionals who advised me throughout my primary and collegiate career, to the leaders of the LGBTQ community who put their faith in me, mentored me, and saw my potential –  even when I didn’t – I thank you! I know I stand on your shoulders and I understand the responsibility I now have is great. 

To the Area 3 voters who showed confidence in me and gave me their vote to give their children a chance at educational success – THANK YOU! I’m committed to doing the work and I will show up every day, ready to put students first and implement effective and systemic change in our local educational system.

Finally, to my mother, who always had faith in me and knew I could do it even when I doubted myself. I’m forever reminded of the strength you gave me by the life that you lived. Mom, thank you and I love you.

Take a look at my official press release below and thank you for joining me on this incredible journey.

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