15 days & counting until election day

Election day is just 15 days away now. If you are looking for a local young progressive to vote for you need to look no further. James D. Martinez is an experienced local leader that will provide a strong progressive voice on behalf of students.

His story is our story. Persevering through poverty and all of the other challenges ethnic minorities face early in life and too many times during college too. James has 15 years of campaign and public service experience and has worked at all levels of government: local, state, and at the federal level.

James is locally born and raised, graduated from Fresno High School, and got his 4-year degree at Fresno State. James will fight for the under served and under represented student and their families. James needs your vote and your support to enter public life as an elected official.

Please vote for James D. Martinez for Fresno County Board of Education Trustee for Area 3!

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